Meet Sergey Nedev, Process Development Engineer in the Power Technique Service division

In 2006 the newly graduated mechanical engineer Sergey Nedev was on the look-out for his next professional move. Flash forward to today and Sergey has explored many opportunities within Atlas Copco, including starting a new job during pandemic lockdown.

The journey within Atlas Copco

Sergey started out in the Atlas Copco factory located in his hometown Rose in Bulgaria. More specifically in the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine workshop. “I was looking for a company working with cutting-edge technology. A company where I could work with and learn from the best in the industry. There were many industrial companies in my hometown, but Atlas Copco was renowned for its complex production processes and advanced technologies,” Sergey says. 

“While I was working, I got excited about being able to control machines, so I started learning CNC Programming. I learned fast, and soon I had the chance to grow as a lean process engineer, coordinating the complete production process,” he says. 

Sergey Nedev, Process Development Engineer at Atlas Copco

A few years later, an exciting opportunity opened up in the design department and Sergey took the challenge. “My engineering degree and my knowledge of the production process turned out to be very useful. Not only for my new projects but for my colleagues in the design team as well,” he says.

Four years later it was time to try something else. “I became the first technical support specialist at the factory in Bulgaria. A big part of my job was to implement technical support and quality feedback in every step of the production process, from design to final test. This was quite a challenging – but also rewarding – experience,” Sergey shares. 

Relocating to Antwerp, Belgium

When the opportunity came to relocate to Antwerp, Belgium in order to join the technical support team in the Compressor Technique Service division, Sergey didn’t hesitate. He later moved into his current role as Process Development Engineer within the Power Technique Service division. “It opened new ground for further learning and growing, both professionally and personally,” he says. “Up to now, I had been involved in the different service stages. Now, I have stepped away from the operational process itself, in order to improve it and make it easier for everybody involved,” he says. 

Starting a new role new during COVID-19 lockdown

Sergey started his current job as Process Development Engineer on 6 April, 2020 – 3 weeks after the start of the lockdown in Belgium. “It wasn’t easy for me to get to know the team and to learn the new job. But even during this time in isolation, my new colleagues reached out to get to know me and to help me get on track. I felt welcomed and a part of the Power Technique Service family, despite the physical distance,” he says and concludes that the Atlas Copco to his experience has always been focused on personal growth and creating a good working environment. 

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