Meet Lead Generation Manager Pravitha Utami

With a background in digital advertising the industrial world was new to Pravitha when starting as a Lead Generation Manager in Atlas Copco’s office in Jakarta, Indonesia during 2020. ”Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” she points out as advice to new employees when navigating their way in the Atlas Copco Group.  

Pravitha Utami, Lead Generation Manager in Indonesia

Current role: Lead Generation Manager

Joined Atlas Copco: 2020

Education: Bachelor of Communication with a focus on advertising

Nationality: Indonesian

As a Lead Generation Manager within the Compressor Technique Business Area in Indonesia, Pravitha takes care of digital marketing activities and is focused on lead generation. This is about attracting potential customers, nurturing them throughout the buying process and onboarding them as new customers, she explains. This also means that big efforts are placed on search engine optimization as well as on search engine marketing. “Right now, I’m also handling many of our webinars where we present new product launches and also organize product demonstrations,” she says.

Pravitha explains that digital marketing and the connected activities are on top of her agenda. “We’re expanding, we’re ramping, we’re scaling up our efforts so we can do better next year. There's always a better way to do things,” she says.

A clear ownership of work and authority to act

Atlas Copco is a big Group with many brands, divisions, and sales in more than 180 countries. “My initial thought when starting to work for such a large organization was that there would be little to no job ownership since I would probably report to many people. But it hasn’t been like that, I’m given freedom and authority to act. The company really trusts you,” Pravitha says. This approach has given her room to explore and to take ownership of her work, while also learning how to set clear boundaries and expectations of the work she performs.  

When it comes to the company culture Pravitha describes it as open and welcoming. “The way you can ask people for help and guidance is great,” she says. ”My number one advice to new employees in the company would be to ask questions. The company is so big so if you don’t ask questions you are likely to get a little bit lost. Especially when it comes to company abbreviations. Also, question things if they don’t fit your current understanding,” Pravitha says.

The Home of Industrial Ideas

Atlas Copco describes itself as the home of industrial ideas. “For me this expression reflects our day-to-day business. It means that we are there to provide the best solutions that fit our customers’ needs. I also see the company as a champion of ideas and innovation and feel really proud to work here at the home of industrial ideas,” she concludes.

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