Vacuum Technique

The Vacuum Technique business area provides vacuum products, exhaust management systems, valves and related products. The main markets served are semiconductor and scientific, as well as a wide range of industrial segments including chemical process industries, food packaging and paper handling. The business area has a global service network and innovates for sustainable productivity in order to further improve its customers’ performance.

Vision and strategy

The vision is to be First in Mind—First in Choice for vacuum and abatement solutions. The strategy focuses on technology leadership, market leadership and agility, to support growth. This is done by focusing on product research and development programs together with deployment of highly innovative products and services. Continued execution of market leadership will be done by an organization focused on agility, growing market share in our  traditional heartlands and further expansion of the geographical footprint. Additionally, the business area has a strong focus on developing the service business and an efficient and flexible global operations footprint.

The Market

Vacuum and abatement solutions are required in a number of applications where the pressure needs to be below atmospheric pressure and/or the environment needs to be clean. The Vacuum Technique business area sells products, systems and services across several targeted market sectors. The market can be categorized into semiconductor,  industrial vacuum and scientific vacuum. However, each of these sectors contains several sub-sectors and specific applications. Vacuum products include a broad range of dry pumps, turbomolecular pumps and other vacuum pumps. They are used to create highly controlled, low-pressure, particle-free environments in a diverse set of manufacturing processes. Such processes include semiconductor, flat panel display, LED and solar, glass and optical coating, scientific instruments used in life sciences, research institutes focused on renewable energy, high-energy lasers and nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, heat treatment, lithium-ion batteries, and food processing  and packaging. Abatement systems include stand-alone and  customized solutions which integrate vacuum and exhaust management technologies. Abatement is required both to prevent adverse chemical reactions within production processes and to comply with strict regulatory emission controls. The business area also provides value-added services  including equipment monitoring, field and on-site servicing, remanufacturing, service upgrades and  provision of spare parts and oils.

Market trends

  • Increased use of demanding materials and  extreme working temperatures in processes for  semiconductor and industrial production  
  •  Focus on energy-efficiency  
  •  Continued trend towards stricter regulatory  emission standards 
  •  Increased demand for digitally supported  service offers  
  •  Focus on total solutions and total life-cycle cost  
  •  Focus on circularity as a sustainability solution

Demand drivers

  • Industrial production  
  •  Manufacturing of semiconductors, research and  development equipment, lithium-ion batteries,  flat panel display and solar energy products  
  •  Demand for energy-efficient vacuum pumps  
  •  Increase in vacuum requirements to support  new production processes

Market position

A global market leader for vacuum and abatement solutions.


Vacuum Technique