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Portrait Mats Rahmström, 2020.

The transformation into a better tomorrow is driven by technology

“Atlas Copco delivered a record result in 2021, with new record levels for both orders received and revenues. Our increased investments in R&D over the past couple of years also resulted in several new product launches. Through our sustainable innovations we support our customers’ efforts to lower their energy consumption as well as strengthen their productivity and offering. I am very pleased to see that our long-term efforts and strong focus, as well as our strive to be agile and always find better ways, have paid off. We have continued to increase our R&D-investments in areas where we believe we can make a difference, as well as our presence in segments and markets where we see potential for sustainable profitable growth. We also significantly raised our climate ambitions by setting science-based targets for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

For us digitalization is very much part of everything we do. It is a very important change-driver for our customers and how we interact with them, as well as for how we run our factories. In service, connectivity is a game changer. Previously, we relied on information from our customers, but we now fully control the health status and performance of our machines. All business areas combined have hundreds of thousands of connected machines in the field, and the amount of data they generate is impressive and growing. We have been affected by disturbances in our supply chain. Being both global and local gives us the ability to adapt quickly, and our teams have worked very hard to support our customers.

We consider learning as a lifelong journey and a crucial contributor to Atlas Copco’s success. Performance is very much driven by mindset and it is everyone’s responsibility to continuously upskill themselves. I believe that encouraging curiosity and creativity is one of the most important things we can do to grow and develop as an organization,” says Mats Rahmström, President & CEO.








Atlas Copco Annual report 2021

Atlas Copco Annual Report 2021

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Latest Annual Report highlights

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