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Do you have questions about investor relations in Atlas Copco? You will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

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Where can I find information about Atlas Copco’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Information about the AGM is found under the subsection Corporate Governance, at the page Annual General Meeting.

What financial goals does the Atlas Copco Group have?

Atlas Copco’s vision is to become and remain First in Mind—First in Choice for its stakeholders. The current financial goals are:

  • annual revenue growth of 8% over a business cycle
  • sustained high return on capital employed
  • annual dividend distribution about 50% of earnings per share

What is Atlas Copco's dividend policy?

The dividends to shareholders shall reflect the company’s profit and cash flow development as well as growth opportunities. The Board of Director’s opinion is that the dividend should correspond to about 50% of earnings per share. Read more about the dividend.

What is the difference between the Atlas Copco A- and B-shares?

The difference is in voting power. An A-share represents one vote at the Annual General meeting, while a B-share represents 1/10 of a vote. A class A and a class B share have exactly the same right to Atlas Copco’s capital, and get the same dividends. Read more about the Atlas Copco share.

What is the "silent period"?

The Atlas Copco Group does not arrange meetings with the press, media, investors, analysts or other capital market actors for a period of 30 days prior to the publication of a quarterly report. The Group only addresses issues of a general nature during the silent/closed period. You can find updated information on reporting dates and silent period in our calendar.

Who are the largest shareholders in Atlas Copco?

Atlas Copco’s largest owner is the Swedish investment company Investor AB. For a list of the ten largest shareholders, visit the page Shareholders.

How can I get a printed copy of Atlas Copco’s annual report?

You can order a printed copy by mailing us your request; [email protected]

Where is Atlas Copco’s head office?

The head office is situated in Sickla, just outside Stockholm, Sweden. 

  • Address: Atlas Copco AB Sickla Industriväg 19, SE-105 23 Stockholm 
  • Telephone number to the Swedish switchboard: +46 8 743 8000