Meet Rasmus Rubycz, Market Manager New Energy in the Gas & Process division

Already as a child, Process Engineer Rasmus Rubycz loved turning problems upside down to find smart solutions. Rasmus joined Atlas Copco Energas in 2012 as a Project Engineer, working with solutions used in floating gas production. In 2015 he moved on to focus on energy recovery solutions, and eventually took up the role of Market Manager for the New Energy field.

Rasmus Rubycz Market Manager New Energy in Atlas Copco

“Sometimes things just fall into place,” Rasmus says when summarizing his journey in Atlas Copco. His interest in technology has however been present from the very beginning, just like his desire to understand how things work. At university he studied general process engineering. “A mix of chemical and classical engineering,” he explains. After graduating he was hired as Project Engineer for Energas in the division Gas and Process in Atlas Copco. At the time, the division was handling a large job called Prelude – the biggest floating gas production facility in the world. 

In 2016 he began focusing on energy recovery solutions and later stepped into the role as Market Manager in the New Energy field. “I have always been involved in finding smart solutions and thinking out of the box. I take climate change and energy recovery by heart. For me it’s more than a job – it’s a passion.” Rasmus is now based in Cologne, Germany and works with leading technologies for geothermal energy production, waste heat recovery, and reuse of gas pressure. Within energy saving one of the initiatives in focus is compressors and turbines used for heat recovery. “Within steel plants and cement factories high amounts of waste heat is for example released into the air, our machines can recover electricity from that,“ he says. 

Seeing the bigger picture

Regarding key skills needed in the role as Market Manger in New Energy, Rasmus answers that it’s all about seeing the bigger picture. “When I started in this role, I performed a study about energy recovery and dove deeper into reasons why we weren’t selling much of a certain type of machine. It wasn’t about the machine not fulfilling requirements, it was that the market was no longer there. In this role you need see how things are interconnected. You need a wider horizon for more than what the actual product is and have a level of self-motivated interest,” he says.

Relocating from Germany to the US

During his time in Gas & Process Rasmus also had the opportunity to relocate to another country, he spent two years in the US. “At the time, I was active in the Cologne factory and promoted machines to customers. Since the machines for geothermal powerplants were designed and produced in Santa Maria, California I had a big interest in traveling there to learn everything about the products and the factory producing them. From inside out,” he says. “From a culture point it was very eye opening relocate. It has also given me a lot of advantages of doing business in an effective way,” Rasmus adds.

He describes the Atlas Copco culture as very open and global. “If you show initiative the company will appreciate it and support you on this. This is for example how the relocation to California was made possible.” He concludes with an advice to present and future employees. “Be yourself, be interested and be openminded, then you will have a good time in this company!”. 

Pravitha Utami, Lead Generation Manager in Indonesia

Pravitha Utami

Pravitha joined Atlas Copco in 2020 as a Lead Generation Manager in Jakarta. ”Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” she points out as advice to new employees.

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