Innovating for sustainability

Atlas Copco is committed to developing solutions that support global sustainable development by increasing our customers’ productivity, reducing cost and helping them meet their sustainability ambitions.

Energy consumption in the use phase of our products has a significant impact on cost and carbon footprint for our customers. One of the Group’s most groundbreaking innovations is the VSD (variable speed drive) technology in compressors. This is a good example of an innovative technology which helps customers increase their energy efficiency, reduce carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions and at the same time reduces cost. The VSD technology is now also available in generators and pumps. 


We calculated the potential impact of a global shift to our own, more energy-efficient technology. Learn more about some of these innovations.  

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A life-cycle approach 

Each product is designed with the full impact in mind – from the carbon impact of the materials and transports used, to its energy consumption and what happens to it at the end of its life. 

We set targets for reducing the carbon impact of new products. There is also an increased focus on designing products to maximize their potential to be returned, refurbished and resold as used equipment. Modular design can also support sustainability as it enables easy disassembly so that parts can be replaced, prolonging the life of the tool and reducing waste. Strong service offerings also minimize waste and maximize the value of customers’ investments. 

Learn more about our targets and performance in this area and how we contribute to related Sustainable Development Goals

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Continuously increasing the energy efficiency of products and service. 

Energy efficiency in our products and service is a key selling point for Atlas Copco. The main environmental impact is in our customers’ use of our products. All projects for new and redesigned products must assess the environmental impact of the product. Products are developed with a life-cycle perspective. 

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Responsible consumption and production

Making production as efficient as possible and reducing waste 

Atlas Copco seeks to decrease the total waste produced. Chemical handling follows strict protocols. Components that contain conflict minerals are not accepted and Atlas Copco monitors and screens its supply chain. 

Digitalization transforms industry 

Technology development such as increased connectivity can be used to transform the efficiency of industrial processes. An increasing share of Atlas Copco’s engineers work on product development projects where software development, connectivity and data analytics are important parts. Increasingly, digital and data-driven service and products are part of our offer. 

As the manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly digitalized, we also uss data to increase the uptime of products, thus increasing customers’ competitiveness. One example is the SmartLink data-monitoring system for compressors, enabling continuous monitoring of their status and more predictive maintenance. 

Our products are also essential when it comes to enabling the storing and processing of data, and to produce sensors, flat screens and other equipment that now are part of everyday life.

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