Atlas Copco’s mentoring program for women at university

In January we launched this year's mentoring program for women by women. The purpose is to increase interest and understanding of what it is like to work in a high-tech and global industrial group for women at university. To apply for the mentoring program you have to study full time in Sweden. 

Two ladies taking a break from work

Mentorship program for women by women

The purpose with our mentoring program is to inspire and help participants to develop personal and professional skills through open and honest discussions about possible challenges and opportunities ahead. This is an opportunity to know more about how it is to work in a high-tech and global industrial company.


Most of us have thought about our future professional lives and how to develop in order to get where we want to go.  What is often missing is someone who can provide professional guidance and has experiences and insights to help support and evaluate different opportunities. 


The program offers four meetings per year with your mentor. Included in the program is also a common event for all participants and mentors, where women in senior positions in the Atlas Copco Group share their career journeys and insights.


If you are interested in finding an inspiring and experienced mentor are curious about what it is like to work at one of Sweden's largest and most successful companies, we encourage you to submit your application! To apply for the program you have to study full time at a university in Sweden. We are primarily looking for students who are finalizing their studies within the coming year.


For the application, tell us a bit about yourself, describe which topics you would like to discuss with your mentor and why. For example, it could be about how you should structure a CV or prepare for future job interviews, how you can develop as a leader at the beginning of your professional life, how to handle challenges within different types of organizations, or what goals you have for the future and how you will be able to realize them.