Safety and Health Award

The Atlas Copco Safety and Health Award aims at promoting and inspiring companies in their work of improving the safety and health for employees and other stakeholders, and to increase the safety and health awareness in the Atlas Copco Group. It will support companies in their work to achieve the Group’s vision of zero accidents and a safe and healthy working environment.

Safety and Health Award for 2021

Safety and Health Award 2022

The winner of the Atlas Copco Safety and Health Award 2021 is Product Company Zaragoza, Power and Flow Division. They are presented the award for their Sustainable Ergonomics program, an innovative and science-based approach to improving ergonomics in the operations. The Sustainable Ergonomics program targets to improve ergonomic work conditions and creating an awareness and knowledge among the workers in the prevention of ergonomic disorders. With the help of a physiotherapist and an ergonomist all workers received a personalized report with recommendations on how to improve their health at work and in their private life, from a musculoskeletal point of view. The employees learned stretch and warm up exercises, and the factory received a report on how to improve the ergonomic work conditions.

2020 All employees

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