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People Podcast

​​Do you have a passion for people? Then dive into Atlas Copco's People Podcast. The podcast features Cecilia Sandberg, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Dorna Eriksson Shafiei, Vice President Talent Management.

People Podcast episode 1 cover image

Episode 1 - Talent Management

What is talent? Is it overrated? What wins? Natural talent or passion and drive, or is it a combination?

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People Podcast episode 2 cover image

Episode 2 - Well-being

Learn more about well-being and how the COVID-19 crisis affects the human mind and body.

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People Podcast episode 3 - high-performing teams

Episode 3 - High-performing teams

How do you create high-performing teams? How important is psychological safety in doing so?

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People Podcast episode 4

Episode 4 - A culture of feedback

Why feedback matters and how you can contribute to a culture of feedback.

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People Podcast episode 5 - Driving a culture of lifelong learning

Episode 5 - Lifelong learning

What are the critical factors when creating a successful learning organization?

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People Podcast Episode 6

Episode 6 – Success of Atlas Copco

What’s the secret behind our company success? Excellent strategy? A strong leadership?

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