Purpose of the Atlas Copco Group

Our industrial ideas empower our customers to grow and drive society forward. This is how we create a better tomorrow.

Mats Rahmström, President and CEO

At Atlas Copco, or the Home of Industrial Ideas as we call ourselves, we never innovate just for the sake of it. Everything we do is spurred by real challenges. Our very committed teams spend a lot of time on investigating and deeply understanding the issues our customers are facing. This very hands-on approach to innovation helps us develop highly efficient and sustainable products that meet the needs of our customers, society and the world. After close to 150 years in the business, we know that this is the best way to remain an industry leader and stay profitable over time. To us, innovation is not just about developing new, cool things, but about contributing to a better future.

President and CEO Mats Rahmström

Driven by a common purpose

Our mission is to create sustainable, profitable growth and we do it by making sure that we are first in mind and first in choice with our customers, employees and other key stakeholders. Achieving this mission gives us the financial stability we need to keep investing in new expertise and to make further technology leaps.

What is the greater value of what we do?

Why is our innovation needed in the world? What is our impact on society, and where do we go from here? This is described in our common purpose statement, covering all companies and brands. Our purpose is to develop industrial ideas that empower our customers to grow and drive society forward; this is how we create a better tomorrow. 

When we were founded, our very first mission was to make products for the emerging railroad networks that came to revolutionize communication and trade and pushed the world into a new era. Since then, we have continued to develop solutions that meet real needs. We do it together with our customers, and we have reached many milestones together. Ergonomics, safety and energy efficiency are some areas where we have made a big difference, and still do. 

How does innovation, interaction and commitment fit in?

These are our company core values. They guide us in everything we do, including how to fulfill our purpose. Our focus on innovation, our close interaction with customers, and our commitment to all stakeholders is what creates long-term value and contributes to a better tomorrow. 

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We are committed to bring value and contribute in a positive way to society´s challenges.

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Our approach to sustainability

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