Industrial Technique

The Industrial Technique business area provides industrial power tools, assembly and machine vision solutions, quality assurance products, software and service through a global network. The business area innovates for sustainable productivity for customers in the automotive, and general industries.

Vision and strategy

The vision is to be First in Mind—First in Choice as a supplier of assembly solutions, machine vision, quality assurance products, software, material removal products, and services to customers in the automotive and general industries. The strategy is to continue to grow the business profitably by building on technological leadership and continuously offering products and services that improve customers’ productivity, flexibility, quality, safety and ergonomics. Key strategic initiatives include adjusting the product offer to meet increased automation in customers’ production processes, and providing additional service, know-how and training. The business area is also increasing its presence in targeted geographical markets. The presence is enhanced by a brand portfolio strategy. The business area is actively looking at acquiring complementary businesses. Growth should be achieved in a way that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Market overview

The automotive industry, including sub suppliers, is a key customer segment, and the applications served are primarily assembly operations. The automotive industry has been at the forefront of demanding more accurate fastening tools that minimize errors in production and enable recording and traceability of operations. The business area has successfully developed advanced electric industrial tools and assembly systems that assist customers in achieving fastening according to their specifications and minimizing errors and interruptions in production. This includes a wide offering of quality assurance and quality improvement solutions. With increasing demand for electric cars and increased use of lighter materials, the automotive industry is looking to alternative assembly solutions. The market demands new assembly technologies such as dispensing equipment for adhesives and sealants as well as self-pierce riveting equipment and rivets to cater these needs. In general industry, industrial tools are used in a number of applications, such as assembly, drilling and material removal. Customers are found in assembly operations, e.g. in electronics, aerospace, appliances, energy, off-highway vehicles, general industrial manufacturing, the energy sector, foundries, metal and paper production, advanced material manufacturing, and among machine tool builders. The equipment supplied includes assembly tools for a wide torque range, drills, percussive tools, grinders, and accessories. Air motors are supplied separately for different industries and applications. The business area offers machine vision solutions that are used in discrete production, such as the automotive industry, and in continuous process production applications, such as metal and paper production, advanced material manufacturing, and solar panels. There is a growing demand for service, e.g. maintenance contracts and calibration services that improve customers’ productivity.

Market trends

  • Automation in customers’ production
  • Digitalization and demand for connectivity in production
  • Increased demand for electric vehicles
  • Higher requirements for quality, productivity, flexibility and ergonomics, and increased demand for inline quality control
  • Increased focus on renewable energy and storage
  • Use of light-weight material in transportationrelated Industries

Demand drivers

  •  Industrial production
  • Capital expenditure in the automotive industry
  • Changes in manufacturing methods and higher requirements, e.g. quality assurance and flexibility

Market position

A leading market position globally in most of its operations.

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