Highest ethical standards

At Atlas Copco, we stand for integrity, fairness and respect in all our interactions. How we conduct ourselves globally is more than just a matter of upholding regulations, policy and law; it's a reflection of our core values. We have an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical behavior, including zero tolerance for human rights abuses, bribery and corruption.

Everyone at Atlas Copco is required to complete trainings every year in what it means to live our values and how to handle ethical dilemmas. New employees are required to sign our Business Code of Practice when they join Atlas Copco and we must all reaffirm that commitment annually, by digitally signing our compliance statement. This training and signing process reinforces our expectations regarding our interactions with each other, our customers, and all stakeholders in the communities we serve. 

Our compliance statement and annual training cover the following 16 topics:


Human rights

Conflicts of interest

Anti-trust: Preserving competition

Anti-money laundering

Safety and well-being

Bribery and corruption

Environmental protection

Data protection and data security


Gifts and events

Intellectual property

Political involvement


Accounting fraud

Insider trading and confidential information

Fraud: Misuse of company assets

We raise red flags

Employees and external stakeholders can easily raise red flags by using our third party misconduct reporting system, Atlas Copco SpeakUp. Suspicions of misconduct can be reported in 30-plus languages and all reports are anonymous. Substantiated reports may result in disciplinary action, including termination and legal action, where appropriate.

Contributing to society

We strive to promote economic development in the local communities where we operate through the payment of fair salaries, taxes, pension and social security contributions. See our Annual Report for more information, andour tax policy.  

Our business partners are expected to align with our high standards for safety, health, the environment and quality. Learn more about how we work withour business partners

Learn more about our goals, targets and performance in this area and how we contribute to related  UN Sustainable Development Goals