Meet Dorna Eriksson Shafiei, Vice President Talent Management

Before joining Atlas Copco in 2018, Dorna Eriksson Shafiei worked as a Talent Management and Leadership Development consultant, most recently at Korn Ferry. Today she is Vice President Talent Management in the Atlas Copco Group, in Stockholm, Sweden.  

Vice President Talent Management at Atlas Copco.

Education: Master in Psychology from the University of Uppsala, Sweden 

Years in Atlas Copco: 2.5 years  

Previous employment: Talent Management and Leadership Development consultant, most recently at Korn Ferry.  

In her role as Vice President Talent Management, Dorna’s work is all about connecting the Group’s business strategy with the talent strategy to make sure that the Group attracts, develops and retains the talent needed to stay competitive today and in the future. “What brings me most joy in this role is the broad scope of responsibility and to be able to connect the dots and find ways to bring people together working towards a common goal,” she says. “My main driver is to constantly learn and to be challenged both personally and professionally. I want to make a difference and I want to do it together with other people,” Dorna adds.  

The reasons for choosing Atlas Copco

When answering the question of why she wanted to work for the company, Dorna explains that she was attracted to Atlas Copco for three main reasons and the global environment was one of them.  “Having worked in global organizations in the past and knowing the passion I feel for diverse minds coming together and learning from each other made this a key-criteria for any future employer of choice,” she says.

“Secondly, the strong culture. I did my homework, reading on social media how the culture is perceived by current and past employees, asking future peers of how they would describe the culture and most importantly, reading between the lines when meeting people from Atlas Copco what it would feel like working here,” she says and adds that the third reason for choosing Atlas Copco was her manager, Head of HR for the Atlas Copco Group, and the mission she painted out for her. “The number one reason for employees leaving an organization is bad bosses, which clearly shows the importance of investing in good leadership,”.  

How would you describe the company culture?

“The first words that come to mind are family friendly, innovative and with a strong drive to challenge the status quo. The family friendly culture was something that I reflected on very early after having joined the Group. People truly care for each other and want to support. That's something I really value,” Dorna says.

Innovation is one of the three core values in the Group and according to Dorna this is something that shows. “Innovation is really embedded in what drives people and the organization forward. We have been around for more than 147 years and that’s mainly due to our strong focus on innovation and our curiosity to find new and better ways to serve customers. I'm very proud of this!”  

We say we are The Home of Industrial Ideas – what does that mean to you?

“To me this is all about curiosity and a passion for innovation. Every innovation starts with ideas, lots  of them, and at Atlas Copco we are good at ideas and we are not afraid of testing them out,” Dorna concludes.   

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Rasmus Rubycz

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