John Munck Award

The John Munck Award, established in 1988, is presented each year to reward the person or group of persons having produced the best innovative technical development contribution during the year.

John Munck Award 2022

John Munck Award for technical innovation 2022

John Munck Award 2022

This year the John Munck Award recognizes the development of an innovative filament Pirani gauge. The newly developed gauge has led to reductions in energy consumption in many vacuum pumps and systems. The John Munck Award is presented to Oliver Rudge, Nick Hutton, Glen Croft, Gary Lord and Matthew Key in the Scientific Vacuum division. They are presented the award for developing a robust and highly compact gauge, able to reliably measure and control the vacuum level in basically any applications, due to its robust filament, compact size, LED light ring indicator and integrated set points.

Recent John Munck Award winners

2021 Chiara De Timmermann, Carlo Lammers, Jan Norz and Wouter Van Dijck

2020 Jeroen Hoen, Thomas De Bontridder and Dieter Berteles

2019 Ignacio Picatoste, Vanderson Lopes, Julio Tome, Alberto Arcos, Eduardo Garcia and Jesus Lavilla

2018 Paul Neller, Andy Mann, Brian Murphy, Phil North, Jonathan Youn, Allen Park and Dave Manson.

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Behind the prize

About John Munck:

John Munck was one of Atlas Copco’s most successful engineers. He worked for the Group between 1930 and 1970 as Technical Director among other positions. The award was initiated in 1989 in honor of the late John Munck who passed away in a car accident the same year. The John Munck Award is presented each year to a product developer or designer, or a team, for outstanding contributions to the overall quality of an Atlas Copco product.