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Meet Semiconductor Logistics Manager Katey Kim

Logistics Manager Katey Kim plays an important part in securing the vacuum solutions needed for the making of crucial devices used everywhere, every day.

Katey joined Edwards, a world-leading vacuum brand and part of the Atlas Copco Group, in 2013. She stepped onboard as Service Supply Chain Planner in Korea, responsible for demand forecasting and supply chain projects. She then moved into a global forecast and planning manager role for two service divisions in Vacuum Technique. In 2020 she took up a newly created role as Semiconductor Divisional Logistics Manager, taking care of vacuum brands serving the semiconductor market. 

You work in a division that provides vacuum solutions for the world’s semiconductor manufacturers. Why is vacuum needed there, and where are semiconductors used?

Meet Katey Kim, Semiconductor Logistics Manager in Edwards, Korea

Let me start with the semiconductor part. These highly advanced connectors are crucial for all kinds of electrical devices and digital communication, such as smartphones, computers and televisions. Increased demand of video streaming and simple notification services also require semiconductors, as does big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and autonomous cars.

When you manufacture semiconductors, the surrounding environment needs to be absolutely clean, and this is where our vacuum solutions come in. Without them, micro sized contaminations like dust could destroy the whole product. 

What is your role?

My mission is to lead and develop the global supply chain for the Semiconductor division by focusing on optimization of the supply network, inventory level and transportation mode. All these activities ultimately improve our customers’ satisfaction. It’s great fun as it’s challenging but at the same time very clear how important your job is and how much you contribute. I also get to talk to a lot of people in a lot of different places.

I am also encouraged by my managers to keep learning and taking on new challenges. A few years ago, I was selected to an annual Global Mentoring Program, and our Divisional President mentored me. This was a good experience. I have also been part of an international management program with people from the Atlas Copco Group and some other big Swedish companies. This training, in a way, really changed my life. It was focused on self-awareness and it helped me think about my interaction and behavior towards others.

What is on top of your mind right now?

One of Atlas Copco’s sustainability goals is to reduce our carbon footprint. From a logistics point of view, we can contribute and at the same time increase customer satisfaction in our deliveries. We are currently exploring the options of more sophisticated planning and demand tools which could help us set the right amount of stock at the right time, with short lead times. We are also investigating more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, for example international rail roads. I really hope that these measures will contribute to a sustainable future.