Meet Lifei Tang, PhD student in Data Analytics

Meet Lifei Tang, one of the PhD students in the Research School within the Industrial Technique Business Area. His current field of research is trustworthy machine learning – on the edge and on the cloud.

Nils Dressler, Optimal tightening control

What is your area of research?

I’m doing my PhD at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, creating customer value under the context of Industry 4.0. My research area is trustworthy machine learning on the Cloud and on the Edge.

How can that help customers and the society?

I’m trying to create software that can do data analytics like a human expert. I want to combine it with something that has a real impact on society, and the manufacturing business is a sector which has that impact. With our solution we can help the customer optimize the production process, reduce quality issues and cut waste.

What do you think about doing research “on the job”?

Atlas Copco has given me the possibility of pursuing my targets and the freedom to research, while in turn it benefits from my research regarding creating customer value. I’m working 50% as a data scientist and 50% as an industrial PhD, so I’m halfway through my eight-year programme. I’m passionate about machine learning because it’s a cool, fast-growing area.

Lifei's thoughts of what it's like to do research on the job

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