Meet Mimmi Alladin, Business Line Manager Service at Industrial Technique

Mimmi Alladin joined Atlas Copco in 2020, taking on the role as Business Line Manager. With factory floor experience in the automotive industry, skills in global purchasing and business development, and insights from leading a business unit in a large concultancy firm, the Industrial Technique Business Area was a natural choice. It designs, manufactures and markets industrial power tools, assembly solutions and quality assurance and error-proofing technologies, mainly for the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries, and Mimmi joined the division responsible for service.  

Years in Atlas Copco: 2

Education: Double-degree in Chemical Engineering and Business Administration from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden  

Background: Numerous roles within purchasing. Head of Business Development in Siemens AB. Business Unit Head in AFRY.  

Current role: Business Line Manager  

Generating value for customers

"My main mission in this role is to make sure that our customers get the most value of the products they are buying,” she says.

Customers are widely spread across industries, from large vehicle manufacturers to smaller companies in the general industry. “Our skilled personnel do preventive maintenance on the tools at customers’ sites, making sure that they receive the full value of their purchase. We also help customers with the installation and commissioning of our tightening tools. We introduce them to our software solutions and support them in the optimization of their production,” Mimmi says. 

The future of service

Today, the service division performs preventive maintenance and service on customers’ tools under regular time intervals. “In the future there will be more data-driven decision-making on how to manage tools. With more data, you can monitor the tools and service them depending on usage, that is - when needed. Some of the tools will need to be serviced more frequently, and other tools won’t need service every year if they aren’t used as often,” Mimmi says. 

She also talks about a future shift where uptime and quality of parts will be of even greater importance. “In the past when a truck manufacturer for example produced a truck, they sold the truck, and they also sold a lot of service and spare parts. But now the business model is changing and instead of selling a truck, they are selling miles, and guarantee some up-time of their product. This means that if the truck breaks, they need to repair it free of charge since they are selling free miles,” Mimmi says and explains that that the quality of the spare parts becomes much more important. This type of shift applies for many industries, also for Atlas Copco.  

Mimmi Alladin

Drive your own development

Mimmi describes the company culture as very people oriented. “It’s a friendly environment where competence development and learning are encouraged. Decision-making is also very decentralized; you have a lot of power to drive the business in the best possible way. Having worked in large companies before, I find Atlas Copco the most agile company I’ve been in because you’re empowered and trusted to act,” she says. When answering the question of what the most important skills are in her role, she says that being interested in people, business development and finance, and having a solutions-oriented mind, certainly helps. 

In terms of advice to new employees in the company, Mimmi encourages everyone to take the chance to connect with people. “Participate in different initiatives in the company, in trainings or in networking events. In Atlas Copco you have the possibility to shape and drive your own career, make use of that by testing different roles and streams to broaden your experience,” she concludes.  

Kelly Aubeso

Kelly Aubeso

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