Meet Lisa Nilsson, Global Product Manager in the General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems division

Lisa Nilsson, Global Product Manager, General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems, joined Atlas Copco in May 2018 after a multinational career in the medical technology industry. We asked about her experience joining Atlas Copco, her thoughts on our culture, and what she sees as the biggest selling points about working for the Group.

Can you tell us the story about how you ended up at Atlas Copco?

Lisa Nilsson

I started my career working in the medical technology industry. I was involved in clinical marketing and development of 3D ultrasound, combined with neuro navigation often used in resecting brain tumors, and other neurosurgical applications. I really loved it!

After 10 years and hundreds of hours spent in operating rooms in different parts of the world, I felt it was time to try a completely different type of industry. I decided I wanted to go into product management and started searching for open positions.

The role of Global Product Manager within the Industrial Technique business area was the one job ad I read over and over. I was so excited, the role matched so much of what I was looking for. Whenever I mentioned I was applying for a job at Atlas Copco people around me would say encouraging things about the Group. It made me dig deeper into understanding the company culture and so on. Whatever I found seemed to align well with my views and ideas. That, together with the professional recruitment process of HR and the recruiting manager, made me want the position even more.  

How would you describe the company culture?

One of the things I value very highly with Atlas Copco is the fact that even though there is a clear hierarchy of who is in charge, all employees are – as I have experienced it – treated equally. For me it is important that everyone is treated with respect, not only formally or during meetings, but just as much in the hallways, when getting coffee and so on. I feel that this is something that is practiced at all levels of the Industrial Technique Business Area.

What stands out for Atlas Copco as an employer?

I think it could be many things. Some things I find attractive are:

How we value diversity and that we encourage all types of people to be a part of the company. We are currently focusing on gender diversity, which I completely support, because one of the success factors in my eyes is the cultural and geographic diversity we have. Adding more gender diversity can only mean even greater results.

I feel that mentoring is something that is rewarded. If you share your knowledge, mistakes, and successes with others it will be positively received. Showing that you failed but learned from what went wrong will always be respected and supported, rather than being afraid of repercussions and sweeping problems under the carpet. We raise the red flag. I really like that.

The company is so big, with so many different divisions and offices throughout the world. Accepting one position does not mean you are stuck in that part of the company. There are many possibilities within the group, both in terms of geography, division, and department.