Meet Ally Tomkins, Service Sales Representative in Western Australia

Ally Tomkins grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Six years ago, she headed west to live and work in Perth, the fourth most populous city in the country. Today she’s working as Service Sales Representative in the Compressor Technique Service division and is busy building the Atlas Copco presence in the Western Australian region. 

ally tomkins service sales representative

Tell us about how you encountered Atlas Copco. Why did you join the company?

I worked in the industry for 10 years, but for a different company than Atlas Copco. During this time, I learned about the Atlas Copco, its world-wide reach, and the diverse brand portfolio. I was also in touch with a few Atlas Copco employees, they spoke highly of how the company and of how people were treated. When an interesting job opening came about, I jumped at the opportunity to join. 

What do you do as a Sales Service Representative?

My role is very much about establishing and building trusting relationships with customers. We provide service maintenance plans and offer new equipment. I think the key skill in this role is to understand customers’ needs and to match that with what we have to offer. I think it’s fair to say we have a solution for every customer.

I’m currently focusing on increasing the market share in the Western Australian region. It’s about ensuring that we help our existing customers with solutions that help their productivity, as well as finding new customers. Western Australia is quite big so it’s a large area to cover.  

What brings you the most joy in this role?

Knowing that I have helped a customer to save resources, that our product has made the customer’s life easier and helped their business to get better, that’s rewarding. We service air compressors and they are used in so many industries. One day I’m at a winery, the next I could be somewhere else. Air compressors are everywhere!

How would you describe the company culture?

We have a family culture here. People want to help you; people want to see you succeed. It’s very much a team effort and feeling. I have great support my by direct manager who mentors and encourages me. He pushes me to think about where I want to be and what I want to do. Not just in the next 12 months but in the next couple of years. There are so many options, you have the chance to move within the company, job-wise and location wise, if you have the will and drive.  

I also think we have good learning culture, there are for example many online courses available for us. Some courses are quick and short ones to trigger some thinking, and others are really in depth to improve your skills. 

We say we are the Home of Industrial Ideas – what does that mean to you?

To me it means that we, at Atlas Copco, have a solution for everybody. There is no problem that we cannot solve, and we are always trying to be better than our last compressor, our last service, our last interaction. We are constantly using our experience and knowledge to improve. 

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