The top 9 stories on social media from 2019

This is a collection of some of the most popular stories shared across our social media accounts during 2019. The stories were ranked by which were, liked, shared and commented on the most.

CEO talks about work at Atlas Copco
Our CEO talks about why it's great to work at Atlas Copco

Why is it great to work at Atlas Copco? It's because you're allowed to be curious!

Atlas Copco attending Bauma exhibition
We attended Bauma, the largest construction exhibition in the world!

We launched a wide range of clean drive technologies. These innovations included a range of electrical variable speed driven compressors, stage V compressors, a remote controller, a battery driven light tower, a variable speed generator range, a wide surface pump range, powerful and efficient handheld tools and more.

Our colleagues and the culture quiz
Our colleagues and the culture quiz

Our colleagues from all different teams discuss our culture and what it's really like to work here. This is the first in a series of videos that explore our culture – you can watch them all on YouTube.

Top 9 stories on social media 2019
Over 50 years of continuously raising the bar

See how our compressors have changed over the past 50 years and learn about the new generation!

Atlas Copco flag on top of Elbrus
Passionate people have no limits!

Alexey, from our engineering team in the Power and Flow division made it to the top of Mount Elbrus at 5 650 meters. He managed to bring an Atlas Copco flag and capture this great shot!

Atlas Copco Rental take on TetrisChallenge
Atlas Copco Rental take on the #TetrisChallenge

Emergencies don’t make appointments, but our very own fast responders, the Service Technicians, are ready to go with all the equipment they need in their Service Van!

Geert Follens about vacuum technique
A 60 second insight into Vacuum Technique

Vacuum is everywhere and has an effect on our everyday lives. Learn all about vacuum from the Business Area President for Vacuum Technique, Geert Follens.

Top 9 stories on social media 2019 - 2
Smart Connected Assembly

We know your challenges and we are helping you turn challenges to opportunities. Smart Connected Assembly – Powered by data is the next level of our smart factory concept.

Capital Markets Day 2019 presentation
Capital Markets Day 2019

At our Capital Markets Day we gave an update on our strategy, the development of our Group and worldwide operations.

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