The top 8 stories on social media from 2018

This is a collection of some of the most popular stories shared across our social media accounts during 2018. The stories were ranked by which were, liked, shared and commented on the most.

qas 5
The real power behind our Generator QAS 5 – the people that make it!

Great photo showing the team behind the QAS 5 generator. Developed in response to today’s operational challenges, the new QAS 5 models offer quieter operation, smaller footprints, reduced engine emissions and lower total cost of ownership.

Atlas Copco getting ready for space
Getting ready for space

Leybold, a brand within the Atlas Copco Group, helps world-wide communication by supplying top-class vacuum equipment for satellite testing. Leybold offers an optimized and simple solution for xenon pumping, and produces huge systems to test electrical propulsion devices.

Modern vineyard in Chablis
The Michel family has been involved in wine for over generations now. They produce Chablis, from the vine to the bottle

Long gone are the days when grapes were crushed barefoot. A modern vineyard such as the Louis Michel’s in Chablis, France relies on modern technology and is always looking for ways to innovate. That's why they installed our nitrogen generation installation.

Atlas Copco Chakan Plant India
A shining example

With an innovative and eco-friendly design, Atlas Copco’s factory in Chakan, India, keeps setting new and impressive standards. The factory produces a wide range of screw compressors, pneumatic tools and lighting towers for the Indian and global market.

Atlas Copco opening extended innovation center
Opening of our extended Innovation Center

Six days, nearly 500 customers and multiple joining technologies from a single source. Our Grand Opening in Bretten, Germany where we introduced our newly extended Innovation Center and demonstrated our competence in innovative joining and EV battery assembly.

Atlas Copco aquisition of Walker Filtration company in UK
We acquire British company in treatment of compressed air, gas and vacuum

The company is a British manufacturer of equipment for the treatment of compressed air, gas and vacuum.

Digital Training Blog
Atlas Copco – who are we and what do we do?

Who are we? What do we do? How our products are used? How many employees do we have? And how old are we? All answered in this short movie.

Atlas Copco - Home of industrial ideas
Atlas Copco - Home of industrial ideas

A new video series showing how we have been turning great ideas into business-critical benefits since 1873.

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