The 7 top stories on social media from 2017

This is a collection of some of the most popular stories shared across our social media accounts during 2017. The stories were ranked by which were, liked, shared and commented on the most.

Atlas Copco Board of Directors proposes to split the Group

Atlas Copco logo
The announcement that we will initiate work in order to propose to the Annual General Meeting 2018 to decide on a split of the Group into two listed companies, Atlas Copco and the working name “NewCo” now branded as Epiroc. > Read more on the split

Our generator sent to help those affected by hurricane

Atlas Copco QAC 1200 kVA generator on its way to recover electricity
Sending help to Puerto Rico: the Atlas Copco QAC 1200 kVA generator on its way to recover electricity for those affected by hurricane Maria. > Read more on this initiative

Compressed Air is everywhere

Big Bert on his journey
Compressed air is everywhere! Watch Big Bert on his journey to find out where the compressors he made ends up! > Watch the video

Meet our new President and CEO

Introducing Mats Rahmström
A video introducing our new CEO: On the move – with Mats Rahmström. > Watch the video

The Atlas Copco book

Learn about the Atlas Copco Book
Learn about the Atlas Copco Book, used by four CEOs in a row for more than twenty years. The video is about the Atlas Copco book and it's use described by people in the Atlas Copco Group. > Watch the video

Digitalized manufacturing with Smart Connected Assembly

Atlas Copco's Smart Connected Assembly
Atlas Copco's Smart Connected Assembly is the new big thing in intelligent manufacturing. It is a network system that connects assembly tools and processes with each other in an optimal way. > Listen to the podcast

Team building in Kazakhstan

Team building in Kazakhstan
Employees from all over Kazakhstan came together in Almaty City to strengthen team spirit with a day of team building and group exercises. The last task was to make “Atlas Copco” from cardboard boxes and paint them blue! > Learn more on the event

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