Atlas Copco first to offer compressors certified for 100% energy recovery

June 30, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden, June 30, 2009: Atlas Copco today announced it is introducing the Carbon Zero range of air compressors equipped with advanced heat recovery systems. Capable of recovering 100% of the electrical energy input for heating water, these compressors can dramatically reduce energy costs for a number of industries. The compressors are the first in the world to be certified by the TÜV institute as having “net zero energy consumption” at specific design conditions.

Energy savings in compressed air systems are very important as energy consumption typically represents over 80% of a compressor’s lifecycle cost. While compressed air systems on average account for about 10% of industrial electricity consumption, it can be as high as 40% of a plant’s electricity bill. For this reason, Atlas Copco has been innovating for energy-efficient compressed air solutions for many years.

“We are very pleased to offer our customers a compressed air solution which can recover 100% of the input energy,” says Stephan Kuhn, President of Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique business area. “Today our customers face stringent targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The Carbon Zero compressor will have significant impact towards preserving the environment and also on our customers’ bottom line.”

Most industries can make use of hot water for space heating, showers and other such applications. The ‘Carbon Zero’ compressors will provide the most significant cost savings for industries using a great deal of hot water and steam in their processes, such as food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemicals and power plants. In some cases they will even make it possible to eliminate one source of carbon dioxide emissions from factories.

The renowned TÜV institute (German Technical Monitoring Association) earlier this year supervised tests by Atlas Copco’s oil-free screw compressor series ZR 55 – 750, equipped with built-in energy recovery systems. The tests demonstrated that under specific design conditions, 100% of the electric energy consumed could be recovered for heating water. For more technical information, please see the separate press release and other material available through

The new certification is a milestone in Atlas Copco’s history of innovation. Previous examples include Variable Speed Drive compressors, which for almost two decades have helped customers reduce their energy consumption. Among more recent launches are the Fuel Expert, which brings efficiency for diesel-fueled portable compressors, and aftermarket products such as AirScan™ and AirOptimizer™ used to identify and correct inefficiencies in compressed air systems. More information on this is available through

“Energy efficiency has been at the core of our product development for a long time,” says Stephan Kuhn. “The global need to reduce CO2 emissions confirms we have been, and are, on the right track.”

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