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Jaishri Belulkar

I do like travelling and meeting customers. It is when I meet customers face to face that I can really earn their trust.

Jaishri Belulkar
Business Development Manager ,

Jaishri Belulkar prioritizes customer relations and believes that trust and delivering great results are the most important aspects of the job. She meets customers regularly and gets the opportunity to visit some of the largest Liquefield Natural Gas (LNG) plants in Oceania.

Jaishri Belulkar
Jaishri’s journey with Atlas Copco began when she initiated her work as product application engineer in the Compressor Technique business area. She was later on promoted to her current position as business development manager for the Atlas Copco Rental in Australia, where she has been active for the past four years.

Travelling for trust
Today, she is in charge of developing the oil and gas rental business in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. In the Sydney office, she spends a majority of her time communicating with team members and keeping herself updated with projects. For the reminder of her time she is mostly travelling.

“I like traveling and meeting customers. That’s the way we convince customers to choose Atlas Copco’s total solution, rather than offering products one by one.”

The way to sustainable progress
Jaishri gains trust through her face-to-face relations with clients and prioritizes being the First in Mind-First in Choice option. Providing solutions in a timely manner and adhering to professionalism in product presentations and services, leads to sustainable progress.

“I value high standards for responsibilities undertaken.” Jaishri says. “You need to be an open-minded and resourceful team player.”

What is your advice to become a good team player?
“It is important that each team member contributes and works towards the same goal. Regular and open communication within a team is important and showing appreciation of the progress of each team member goes a long way in achieving the team goal.”

What are your goals for the future?
“Looking for the next challenge is always on my agenda and I hope the future will bring plenty of them.”
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