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Dalila Assous

My experiences of working in multicultural environments has enriched my life and taught me many things by challenging my own beliefs and views.

Dalila Assous
General Manager ,

After ten years with the Atlas Copco Group, Dalila Assous has now become the General Manager in Atlas Copco Denmark. She has held many positions, and learned many valuable things along the way.

Dalila Assous
Dalila started out in a product company in Méru, France and has since held positions as marketing product manager and business development manager. In 2015 she transferred to Denmark and now she is General Manager for Gazcon and Atlas Copco Compressors, Denmark.

“Interaction is a two way street”
Her ten years of experience with the company has taught her to co-operate and manage working with people from all different walks of life.

“My experiences of working in multicultural environments has enriched my life and taught me many things because it has challenged my own beliefs and views. When it comes to interaction, it is a two way street”.

Communication is key
Working with multicultural teams involves dealing with varying perceptions, different understandings and people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The first step is to get everybody to speak the same language and to understand their own mission. Then the translation into actions and the implementation can take place. Along the way, support and dialogue are the keys to ensure that the team has the drive to push things to the next level.

“There will be resistance and obstacles, but you have to have perserverance. Aim high and let people kow that they are capable of reaching more than what they think”.

How do you guide your team to strive towards the same goal?
“It requires adaption and strong communicational abilities. Listening and asking questions is an essential step. This helps me assist the team in capitalizing on their strengths and unlock the potential”.
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