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Nobody knows everything, it is important to listen to people and adapt the team strategy accordingly.

Carin Bergendorff
Production Manager ,
Carin is production manager for Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation in Sweden, and has been part of the company for ten years. In 2008, Carin was assigned to be project leader for the Underground Rock Excavation business in Nanjing, China, where the goal was to start production and find local suppliers for their equipment. During the five years she spent there, the business grew exponentially. “I had a great journey. China was quite the contrast to Sweden, and it was an exciting challenge to develop competency to coincide with the business that was growing dramatically at that time.” The importance of teamwork Currently, Carin is responsible for the organization that produces parts for underground rigs and vehicles. Once her team receives orders they need to plan production, buy material, assemble the machines and make the final quality assurance test before shipping them off to customers. Both managing cohesive team efforts and being perceptive are required. “Nobody knows everything, it is important to listen to people and adapt the team strategy accordingly.” Exciting challenges As she travels a lot, Carin’s communication skills helps her to reach a mutually agreed understanding with various customers. This is a challenging and exciting aspect of her profession. Meeting knowledgeable people with expertise in different areas is a regular occurrence at Atlas Copco, which she enjoys immensely. What are your hopes for the future? “I like challenges and I come across new ones in my work every day. That is how I want it to be in the future as well.” What is your advice to someone who is building a career? “Choose your manager. A good manager gives support and challenges you in your career, as well as prepares you for the next step.”

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