Measuring progress

Atlas Copco’s vision is to be First in Mind–First in Choice for all our stakeholders. This can only be achieved by safeguarding people, profit and planet. The goals we set support our mission: sustainable, profitable growth. We have defined goals in six focus areas: profitability, people, ethics, product and services, environment, and safety and well-being.

For five of these areas – people, ethics, products and service, environment, and safety and well-being – there are new goals for 2019-21 and 2030. The operational entities and divisions are responsible for incorporating the goals into their three-year plans and following up on results and progress towards reaching the Group goals.

Sustainable profitable growth - people, planet, profit

The goals are developed with the input of representatives of all business functions and all business areas through a series of workshops and follow-up meetings with business area management teams before being approved by Executive Management. Progress as well as best practices and success stories are reported on a continuous basis internally. See the Annual Report for more information about our Group goals and results for the previous year.

Goals for sustainable growth 




Products and service

Safety and well-being

The environment