Compressor Technique

Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique business area provides compressed air solutions; industrial compressors, gas and process compressors and expanders, air and gas treatment equipment and air management systems. The business area has a global service network and innovates for sustainable productivity in the manufacturing, oil and gas, and process industries.

Vision and strategy

The vision is to be First in Mind—First in Choice as a supplier of compressed air and gas solutions, by being interactive, committed and innovative, and offering customers the best value. The strategy is to further develop Atlas Copco’s leading position in the selected niches and grow the business in a way that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible. This should be done by capitalizing on the strong market presence worldwide, improving market penetration in mature and developing markets, and continuously developing improved products and solutions to satisfy demands from customers. The presence is enhanced by utilizing several commercial brands. Key strategies include growing the service business as well as developing businesses within focused areas such as air treatment equipment, blowers, and compressor solutions for trains, ships, and hospitals. The business area is actively looking at acquiring complementary businesses.

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The Market

The global market for compressed air equipment, air and gas treatment equipment and related services is characterized by a diversified customer base. The customers demand solutions that are reliable, productive and efficient and suited to specific applications. Compressors are used in a wide spectrum of applications. In industrial processes, clean, dry and oil-free air is needed in e.g. food, pharmaceutical, electronics, and textile industries. Compressed air is also used to power industrial tools and in applications as diversified as snow making, fish farming, on high-speed trains, and in hospitals. Blowers are used in applications with a demand for a consistent flow of low-pressure air, for example wastewater treatment and conveying. Gas and process compressors and expanders are supplied to various process industries, such as air separation plants, power utilities, chemical and petrochemical plants, and liquefied natural gas applications. Stationary industrial air compressors and associated air-treatment products, spare parts and service represent about 90% of sales. Large gas and process compressors, including related service represent about 10%.

Market trends

Demand drivers


Compressor Technique’s principal competitors in the market for industrial compressors and air treatment equipment are IngersollRand, Kaeser, Hitachi, Gardner Denver and Parker Hannifin. There are also numerous regional and local competitors, including many in China. In the market for gas and process compressors and expanders, the main competitors are Siemens and MAN Turbo.

Market position

A leading market position globally in most of its operations.