Communications and Organizational Change Manager

Mona Dean, Communications and Organizational Change Manager at Atlas Copco.

"I ended up in my line of business a bit by accident. Initially I wanted to become a brain surgeon, but when that didn’t work out, finance seemed to be a sensible choice. I did an internship at Atlas Copco Changchun China when I was still studying at university. The mission was to look at the quality processes of the production and I became an employee after this period." "Today I work as Communications and Organizational Change Manager and I’m responsible for communications in Business Services Finance which is Atlas Copco’s internal service provider organization. I also work with organizational change; working with the many changes we have had in Business Services Finance the past year." "What I like most about my job is the interaction with people. I get to influence people and support them in achieving something better. And I also like the problem solving part, to have a problem and then being able to find a solution which will make life easier for most people." "The most rewarding part of my job is to work with people, but it is also people who offer the biggest challenges. With the many ongoing changes in the organization, the people aspect in the change process is always the most difficult part." "I always wanted to work for a global company and Atlas Copco is a big company that can offer many different positions and career paths. Although being a large company, we still have a family feeling. It is easy to connect with people, no matter if your colleagues are working in Australia or in the US." "Do I have an unknown talent that you wouldn’t find on my CV? I am an excellent ballet dancer, and I have danced “the Dying Swan” on stage with an audience watching!"

Mona Dean

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  • Education: Master of Science in Business Administration, University of Linköping
  • Place of work: Atlas Copco Business Services, Stockholm, Sweden
  •  Age: 42 (but I feel like 17 in spirit!)