Operational excellence

We are constantly looking for ways to make our operations more efficient, whether it is connecting colleagues, customers and business partners, shortening assembly times or improving workplace safety.

Efficient and responsive operations

In order to stay on top in a rapidly changing market, fast and flexible operations are a must. Lean production, streamlined logistics and more efficient organizational flows benefit both us and our customers. By working closely together, we make our operations even more efficient.

Lean manufacturing

Atlas Copco is using lean manufacturing techniques to optimize efficiency, eliminate waste from the production process and improve on-time delivery results.

Digital transformation

To stay ahead, we drive digitalization in our operations to further improve interaction with customers and collaboration with business partners. For instance, we are spearheading remote monitoring of our compressor installations.

Health and safety

A healthy and motivated workforce is vital to our success and we continuously invest in their safety and well-being. Operational excellence means providing a safe working environment for everyone who works with us, with a vision of no work-related accidents.

Transparency and follow-up

We believe that what is measured gets done. We have established a transparent reporting system with key performance indicators to follow up on our business and sustainability performance as well as on customer engagement.