Efficient use of resources

Ensuring that natural resources are used in the most responsible and efficient way is key to Atlas Copco. We strive to minimize our impact from water, energy and material consumption and to reduce green house gas emissions. Group common goals track progress.

Water resources

At Atlas Copco, we are committed to developing solutions that support sustainable development. We take into account issues such as water stress, and material and energy consumption in our own operations. One of our key priorities is to  improve customer value by creating more energy-efficient product lines in each of our business areas. Our environmental footprint is largely related to carbon emissions from the use of products and, to a lesser degree, from transport and manufacturing. Energy consumption and carbon emissions are key indicators, but we also track and report performance on water consumption and waste. Most major production units have invested in renewable energy sources, resulting in reduced carbon emissions. Our goal is that all major product facilities and customer centers are certified to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. We try to avoid creating waste and to make sure that any waste is reused or recycled. We keep track of the various kinds of waste created in the production process, including regulated or hazardous waste. Scrap metal constitutes most of our waste, and nearly all of it is either reused or recycled.

Products designed for energy efficiency

Our innovative products and services support our customers’ productivity, reduce cost and help them meet their sustainability ambitions. Energy consumption in the use-phase of our products has a significant impact on our environmental footprint and on the cost for the customer. Therefore our product development projects increase energy efficiency in a wide range of products and applications. Read more in our sustainability for innovation section.