Focus on safety and well-being

The health and well-being of our staff is vital to us, which is why we set very ambitious standards for workplace safety.

Atlas Copco works continuously to emphasize safety at work and to reinforce our safety and health culture. We give all stakeholders the possibility to openly discuss our safety performance and ways of improving the working conditions for all our employees. Another key focus is to improve our customers’ safety and health when they are using Atlas Copco products. Learn more about our policy for safety, health, environment and quality below.

Committed to high labor standards

As a voluntary member of the UN Global Compact since 2008, we ensure that labor practices such as the right to collective bargaining are included in the Business Code of Practice. We view trade unions and employee representatives as a necessary and valuable support system for our employees, and foster relationships based on mutual respect and constructive dialogue.

Safety and well-being enhance productivity

We have a global Safety, Health and Environmental policy to ensure that our workplaces have robust standards for safety and well-being. The major focus of the activities during the year has been to promote the behavioral changes that are necessary to create a safety culture in the workplace. In 2017, the number of accidents per million working hours for employees decreased to 3.2. Sick leave among our employees due to own illness or work related accidents remained at 2.0 %, which is below the accepted level of 2.5%.

Our award-winning wellness program

Focusing on creating healthy, HIV-free workplaces in Africa

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