Atlas Copco Water for All initiative supports innovative water project in the Himalayas

In many high altitude regions, global warming and retreating glaciers are threatening farming and drinking water supplies. To find a sustainable solution, an Atlas Copco Water for All initiative is sponsoring an innovative project in the Himalayas in northwestern India.

The project, in the Kugshok village in the Ladakh region, revolves around an artificial glacier that in the winter builds up a massive amount of ice in a controlled way. Fast flowing water from the surrounding mountains and glacier lakes is lead via pipes to a lower level, and then sprayed over a cliff formation. The water instantly freezes, and over time creates layer after layer of thick ice. The results is an artificial glacier, acting as a water reserve. During spring and summer, the ice melts, providing much-needed water to the crops below. The project is extremely energy efficient as it uses gravity to disperse the water and involves no machines.

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