Enabling the transformation to a low-carbon society

Fully committed to being part of the solution for a better tomorrow, we have set science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.
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Do you want to learn about our innovations? How operators benefit from our ergonomic equipment or how we secure a minimal impact on the environment?
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Our annual Industrial Ideas magazine

features stories about how we innovate for a sustainable future and push technology and society forward together with our customers.
Atlas Copco's Industrial Ideas magazine

Summing up our top moments in social media in 2020

We overcame several challenges and achieved some significant milestones this year. Explore the collection of some of the most popular posts shared across our social media accounts during 2020.

Upgrading automated manufacturing with 5G network
Upgrading automated manufacturing with 5G network

We implement 5G technology in industrial settings to revolutionize production units worldwide, enabling the shift to smart and automated manufacturing.

Our industrial ideas
Keeping society up and running through industrial ideas

Our industrial ideas help companies and society stay on top of things even in the most challenging times.

greener future with ZenergiZe
Innovating for a greener future with ZenergiZe

Virtually launching an innovative range of lithium-ion battery-powered energy storage system, a step further towards lowering carbon footprint.

Reducing carbon footprint
Reducing carbon footprint by recovering 80% of the CO2

Setting a global benchmark in performance, ecological footprint and customer value. Rice producer uses innovative oil-free booster to recover CO2 in their production flow.

Atlas Copco headquarters in Stockholm
Pushing scientific boundaries

We are part of the Wallenberg Ecosystem, enabling groundbreaking research. Peter Wallenberg Jr explains how it all works.

President and CEO Mats Rahmström
Encouraging continuous learning to stay competitive

Be it Artificial Intelligence, coding, business strategy, or leadership, our range of e-books will help on your learning path.

Atlas Copco latest results
Broadening the scope with machine vision

By welcoming ISRA and Perceptron to the Atlas Copco family, we are strengthening our focus on digital manufacturing while meeting increased demands for quality inspection and flexible automation.

Sara Surakka
Meet our passionate people

We have a world of experience with people from many backgrounds. What unites us is that we are passionate about what we do – and we all love a good challenge.

Concept for smart and connected factories
Power to solve production challenges

The next level of Atlas Copco’s concept for smart and connected factories maximizes uptime and quality while cutting production costs.

Avoiding CO2 emissions in transport
Why train beats the plane

Explore how we undertake activities to avoid CO2 emissions from energy in operations and transport of goods.

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Top stories of 2019

Let’s look at some of the most popular posts shared across our social media accounts during 2019.

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