Episode 6 - The secret behind Atlas Copco's success

In the sixth episode of the People Podcast, Cecilia Sandberg, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer meets the soon-to-retire Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer for the Atlas Copco Group, Hans Ola Meyer. What’s the secret behind our company success? Excellent strategy, a strong leadership or being at the right place at the right time? Tune in and learn more.  

A summary of what’s included

The episode offers insights in Hans Ola Meyer’s journey in Atlas Copco, his reflections of how the company has managed to reach its current position and his views of the main growth drivers. He acknowledges important milestones in the Atlas Copco history and exemplifies how our focus on results has given the sequence of stability, profitability and growth. “If you deliver results, you can grow, and if you deliver results again and again, you will create continuous profitable growth! That’s where we are as an organization today, and where we want to stay,” he says.