Creating an ethical supply chain

Our suppliers, subcontractors, agents and distributors all have a crucial role to play in safeguarding our commitment to live by the highest ethical standards.

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As a result, we only work with business partners who adhere to the same standards of environmental, ethical and social responsibility as we do.

To reduce the risk of violations to the Atlas Copco Business Code of Practice, we evaluate our partners according to a 10-point checklist based on the UN Global Compact and the International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and through on-site audits.

  • Atlas Copco's business partner criteria 131 kB, PDF

The supplier evaluation process includes:

Complying with Atlas Copco Prohibited and Declarable lists

Atlas Copco maintains lists of substances that are either prohibited or restricted due to their potential negative impact on health or the environment. Compliance with these lists is part of the 10-point checklist for evaluating business partners.

Substances of concern (SoC) are substances that may pose a risk to human health or the environment. To ensure Atlas Copco products and processes meets legal and customer requirements, and that exposure to hazardous chemicals and materials is minimized some SoC’s are limited to use in Atlas Copco products and processes.

Distinction is made between Prohibited, Phase-out and Declarable substances:

Compliance with Atlas Copco Prohibited list and correct declaration of Declarable substances is part of the 10-Criteria letter for suppliers.


Business partners shall check for compliance using the lists (lined below) and take following actions


All substances in the Prohibited list and Declarable list are also contained in an extended list with different filters to make compliance easier for suppliers.

We expect our suppliers to adhere to these lists, as well as to any applicable national legislation.

  • Atlas Copco Declarable List 2018 385.6 kB, PDF
  • Atlas Copco Declarable List in Chinese 2018 447.1 kB, PDF
  • Atlas Copco Prohibited List 2018
  • Atlas Copco Group Prohibited List in Chinese 2018
  • Atlas Copco Prohibited List and Declarable List 2018
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