Episode 2 - Well-being

The second episode of the People Podcast with Cecilia Sandberg, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Dorna Eriksson Shafiei, Vice President Talent Management is now available. Tune in and listen to the topic of wellbeing and how the COVID-19 crisis affects the human mind and body. 

A summary of what's included

In this episode Dorna and Cecilia give insights into what is likely to happen as a consequence of COVID-19, from a wellness and well-being perspective, and includes the science that underpins this. Overall, what can we practically do as individuals and as leaders to make this a better experience for ourselves and those that surround us?

They cover questions such as: 

  • How is the COVID-19 crisis likely to impact our body and mind?
  • How do we cope with loneliness and anxiety that may come as a result of this crisis?
  • What can leaders do to help make the current situation more bearable and positive for team members?
  • How do we build our own mental health?