Nomination of board members of Atlas Copco AB for the Annual General Meeting 2004

18 nov 2003

Stockholm, Sweden, November 18, 2003—In accordance with a decision taken at the Annual General Meeting of Atlas Copco AB on April 28, 2003, this is to announce the names of the representatives of four of the largest shareholders, who together with the Chairman of the Board, Sune Carlsson, will work out a proposal for a Board of Directors, to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting 2004 for decision.

Representatives:  Marcus Wallenberg, Investor, Sweden  Björn C. Andersson, SHB/SPP, Sweden  Harry Klagsbrun, SEB, Sweden  Björn Franzon, Fjärde AP-fonden, Sweden  The Annual General Meeting of Atlas Copco AB will be held on Tuesday, April 27, 2004.  Shareholders who wish to submit proposals of members of the Atlas Copco AB Board, please contact the Chairman of the Board on e-mail [email protected],  or fax +46-8-615 0026, or contact any of the representatives listed above.  CONTACT:  Annika Berglund, Senior Vice President Group Communications  +46-8-743 8070 or +46-70-322 8070