Atlas Copco awards recognize innovation, marketing, and operational excellence with focus on sustainability

March 1, 2021

Nacka, Sweden, March 1, 2021: This year, Atlas Copco’s three most prestigious awards recognize the development of an innovative desiccant dryer with clear customer benefits, a new business model to grow market leadership in the electrical vehicle and battery markets, and an alternative transportation mode that enables reduction in CO₂, lower costs and faster shipments.

The winners have all shown how we bring value to our customers and drive development forward”, said Mats Rahmström, President & CEO of the Atlas Copco Group. “They are awarded for their excellent teamwork and significant efforts when it comes to finding new ways of improving products and processes to ensure that we contribute to a better tomorrow.”

The John Munck Award, established in 1988, is presented each year to reward the person or group of persons having produced the best innovative technical development contribution during the year. This year, the award is presented to Chiara De Timmermann, Carlo Lammers, Jan Norz and Wouter Van Dijck for developing an innovative desiccant dryer. The newly developed and patented desiccant dryer Cerades has better energy efficiency, a more stable performance, no contamination by desiccant decay and a smaller footprint. The product is used where air quality and low humidity in the compressed air system are important.

The Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award, established in 1996, is presented each year to reward excellent salesmanship as well as the development and field implementation of more advanced and customer adapted marketing sales methods.

This year’s award goes to a cross-divisional team for developing and executing a new global business model to grow market leadership in the electrical vehicle and battery markets. The winning team members are Wen Hao Jin, Tilo Trumpp, Nick Tabak, Marie Szymanski and Chris Hauff.

The Giulio Mazzalupi Operational Excellence Award, instigated in 2018, aims to reward a person or a team for significant contributions of improving and executing processes aimed at delivering products or services to customers in the most satisfying, sustainable, cost-effective, and timely manner.

This year’s award goes to Alexander Irchin and Oezkan Dimir who have found a way to move away from using air freight. Instead they use rail transportation which is more economical when sending heavy pumps weighing more than 150 kilograms, plus semi-finished parts like components and rotors, from Cologne in Germany to Tianjin, China, for local production and distribution. The rail transports balance costs, speed and environmental impact better than air and ocean freight and has ensured steady supply in times of pandemic restrictions.

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