All information on Epiroc split from Atlas Copco

In January 2017, Atlas Copco AB initiated work to propose to the Annual General Meeting 2018 to decide on a split of the Group into two listed companies: Atlas Copco AB, with focus on industrial customers and Epiroc AB with focus on customers in the mining, infrastructure and natural resources segments.

Epiroc AB was a fully-owned subsidiary of Atlas Copco AB. At Atlas Copco’s Annual General Meeting on April 24, 2018, the decision was taken to distribute Epiroc AB to the shareholders of Atlas Copco AB and list Epiroc AB on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange. All shares in the wholly-owned subsidiary Epiroc AB was distributed to Atlas Copco AB’s shareholders in proportion 1:1. One share in Atlas Copco AB entitle to one share in Epiroc AB. Holders of a series A share in Atlas Copco AB receives one series A share in Epiroc AB and holders of a series B share in Atlas Copco AB receives one series B share in Epiroc AB. The first day of trading in Epiroc AB was June 18, 2018. Epiroc’s shares of series A are traded under the ticker EPI A with the ISIN code SE0011166933 and shares of series B are traded under the ticker EPI B with the ISIN code SE0011166941. Atlas Copco AB has requested general guidelines from the Swedish Tax Agency regarding the allocation of tax basis between Atlas Copco AB and Epiroc AB shares. It is expected that the general guidelines will be published towards the end of August. For more information regarding certain tax considerations, see pages 115 – 119 of Epiroc’s listing prospectus.

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Epiroc carve-out and spin-off timeline

The split of the Group video

Animated video explaining the split of the Atlas Copco Group into two groups, Atlas Copco and Epiroc.