Serving the electric vehicle market

A team of people from various Industrial Technique divisions was awarded the 2021 Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award for developing a new global business model to grow market leadership in the electrical vehicle and battery markets. 

electric vehicle
The people awarded were Wen Hao Jin, Vice President Business Development & Marketing, Motor Vehicle Industry; Tilo Trumpp, Global Manager, Indusriral Assembly Solutions Innovation Center; Nick Tabak, Business Line Manager, Industrial Assembly Solutions; Marie Szymanski, Business Line Manager, Motor Vehicle Industry; and Chris Hauff, Business Line Manager Service. “Electrification is the future. We are seeing this from both traditional automakers to exclusive electric vehicle companies, and they are all in the race to be the dominant leader of the electric vehicle market. In that quest, they are expecting strategic partners who can adapt to their unique needs in innovation, global implementation, and competence,” says Marie Szymanski. Electric vehicles and electric vechicle battery manufacturers have different manufacturing processes and can use different materials in their product. Because of these differences, they require suppliers to adapt to their specific needs.

“Our strengths lie in the value of the technical competence of our people, our global presence, and our broad product portfolio and we utilize these strengths to customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. At our newly launched Innovation Center in Germany, we can take it a step further and test out the solution in Proof of Concept form for our customers, and deliver a solution that exactly meets the application needs on Day 1. This is a new business model focused on innovation that brings tremendous value to our customers,” said Marie.

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