Using fossil-free fuel in testing

The Portable Air Division now uses renewable HVO oil (hydrotreated vegetable oil) for endurance testing of prototypes at the production facilities in Antwerp, where the division develops compressors for mobile compressed air applications. A fossil-free fuel produced from waste fats, residues and vegetable oils, HVO has 90% lower CO2 emissions than diesel. 

All market-leading compressor engine manufacturers have already approved their equipment to be compatible with HVO.

By replacing diesel in our endurance testing we avoid CO2 emissions of 1 000 tons a year. The next step is to use HVO for all testing at the Antwerp plant, to lower our emissions by another 1 000 tons.

After the third phase, when we extend HVO to all our factories, we will avoid an additional 1 300 tons of CO2 annually.

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