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August 2, 2016

An excellent solution for the most modern production of automotive suspension components. The company Strojmetal Aluminium Forging s.r.o. (SAF s.r.o.) uses five compressors from Atlas Copco in its aluminum forges.

STROJMETAL offers its customers a wide pallet of advanced solutions in the area of forging aluminum. The company's history reaches back to 1822, when it was founded by Josef Ringhoffer. STROJMETAL mainly focuses on developing and producing aluminum suspension parts for the automobile industry. Its key customers include such automobile manufacturers as BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Audi. All of its production is intended for export.

Sales Engineer Vlastimil Dvořák, Atlas Copco and Mr. Petr Mergeš, Head of maintenance in STROJMETAL

The safety undercarriage parts are produced on six automated lines handling 66 robots from the supplier ABB. The weekly average for production and supply is around 170–200 pieces of various types of suspension components in relation to the work weeks of individual automated work stations. Some are produced in non-stop operation: Some are a seven-day work cycle and others a five-day work cycle, depending on customer requirements. For the automated process to work right, it is necessary to have high-quality compressed air in various pressure areas. Especially for the system for lubricating shaping tools, permanent high pressure and purified air are a must. All of this is provided by compressors supplied by the company Atlas Copco s.r.o.

Sales manager for CZ, Jan Černý, Atlas Copco

Compressed air in the STROJMETAL aluminum forging factory is key for all manufacturing programs. From the forge to the lathe center, all the way to forging tool production. Around 60 partially and fully automated forging machines cover diverse customer needs. The demands for compressed air in manufacture are high. It is essential to dry and perform rough filtration, thereby preventing clogging of valves and pneumatic drives.

Compressors are separated into two compressor rooms, where the original compressor room contains four compressors for two pressurized air networks, and the new compressor room connected to the new forge contains one compressor with reserve for another machine. Both compressor rooms and both networks are equipped with a total of three compressors with GA 90 VSD FF frequency converters.

Atlas Copco compressors are ensuring around 60 fully or partially automated robots to work effectively

The original compressor room is also equipped with a superior control system ES for decreasing the extent of pressure cascade, which results in savings on electricity. All pressurized air networks are interconnected for resolving extraordinary situations in compressed air production. Operation of the forge with a high level of robot use places increased demands on compressed air quality, provided by integrated condensation driers for a pressure dew point of +3 °C in all compressors, filtration of dust and oil at a quality of 0.1 μm, or 0.1 ppm, meaning 2.4.2 according to ISO8573-1:2010. All technologies were supplied as turn-key in cooperation with the company APEK Praha, s.r.o. for ensuring the optimum cooling, and thus the maximum efficiency of both compressor rooms. Atlas Copco compressors of the GA series bring an outstanding level of performance, reliability and maintainability. This also involves minimizing the overall costs for acquisition and operation. These compressors are designed for operation in the most demanding environments, and provide efficient running of the manufacturing process. This concerns a perfectly sophisticated solution for maximum efficiency.

When selecting compressors, we emphasize reliability and the best technologies the market has to offer. Atlas Copco was the clear choice.

Mr. Petr Mergeš, Head of maintenance, STROJMETAL

Compressor room with GA90VSDFF

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