Brazil stationary leader Tilibra reaps savings with Atlas Copco vacuum pumps

February 9, 2023

Tilibra, Brazil’s leader in stationery products that has been in the market for 80 years, started to use Atlas Copco vacuum pumps in their manufacturing plant in Bauru.

Tilibra stationary

Tilibra stationary

Besides the production of school materials and stationery products, Tilibra stands out on the market of appointment books and innovative products for home and office. Its products can be found at stationery shops, supermarkets and large retailers throughout Brazil. The company decided to use Atlas Copco vacuum pumps in its Bauru plant, in the state of São Paulo, replacing six vacuum pumps, each one with 4kW, totalling 24kW of power consumption. An Atlas Copco screw vacuum pump model GHS 585 VSD+ with frequency inverter was installed in the production line. This change reduced the consumption installed to 7kW. By working 60% of the pump’s capacity and utilizing the inverter, the total consumption was further reduced, reaching only 4kW. This substitution has enabled 20kW savings, equivalent to a whopping 83% cut in the company's energy bills. The amount was recorded by the unit’s electronic module.

By installing the screw vacuum pump in one of our production processes, we could check a significant reduction in equipment power consumption, besides decreasing the noise and reduction of maintenance for the six vacuum pumps with graphite vanes

Fábio Rogério e Silva , Production Manager, Engineering and Maintenance at Tilibra

Old equipment at Tilibra and the vacuum pump replacing it

Vacuum pump at Tilibra

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