A successful year of inerting with Atlas Copco Rental for company Organic Waste Systems

April 6, 2016


When biological waste processor company Organic Waste Systems (OWS), located in Ghent, Belgium, looked online for a partner to inert their biogas installations in France and Germany, Atlas Copco Rental came up. Today OWS can look back on five tailored rental solutions for inerting their biogas pipelines.

A successful year of inerting

An inerting system decreases the probability of combustion of flammable materials stored in a confined space, especially a fuel tank, by maintaining a chemically non-reactive or "inert" gas, such as nitrogen, in such a space. January and May 2015: 2 projects in France The first project took place at the OWS factory in Chagny. OWS needed a flow of 500 m³/h of nitrogen. The PTS 1600 oil-free mobile compressor combined with a NGM 1000 nitrogen generator were just the perfect combination. The second project, at their factory in Viriat, required a lower flow of 200 m³/h of nitrogen. This meant that the installation had to be built up differently. Together with OWS, we defined that a ZT 90 VSD FF oil-free electric compressor feeding a NGM 280 nitrogen generator, combined with a QAS 200 power generator would do the work just right. Both systems were secured on a trailer that would stay on site for the duration of the contract, in order to save on transportation costs. We also gave the OWS technicians a special training to operate the installation and provided them with a tailored manual, to guarantee a safe inerting process.

June and August: next stop Germany In the summer we worked on a new project in Kaiserslautern to inert the two reactors of OWS biogas installations. We did so in a similar way as in France: both projects required 500 m³/h of nitrogen making the combined efforts of PTS 1600 and NGM 1000 a perfect solution once more. Both installations were delivered on a trailer and this time one of our Rental service technicians stayed present to ensure everything went smoothly. All projects mentioned supplied a nitrogen purity of 96% to 97%. Anton Kerkhofs, Project Engineer at OWS, says:

We are very satisfied with the result of our Google search for a suitable partner! We recently completed one more similar project in Münster, Germany – our 5th project with Atlas Copco Rental so far. We are very satisfied with their quality products and service.

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