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September 7, 2015

Medical and healthcare

Piped gas is a critical part of modern medical care. Thailand’s busiest hospital has entrusted BeaconMedæs with a major gas source equipment upgrade.

Medical gas systems are essential for supplying piped oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and medical air to various parts of hospitals

When it comes to medical facilities in Thailand, none is older or more renowned than Siriraj Hospital. Located in a dozen buildings spread over four city blocks in Bangkok, the facility has 3000 beds and one million outpatient visits a year, making it the busiest public hospital in the country. Imagine then the size and complexity of the contract BeaconMedæs, a part of the Atlas Copco Group, won in 2010 to replace Siriraj Hospital’s outdated medical gas source equipment used in a variety of medical treatments. The project was scheduled to take 12-18 months, with the added requirement that the facility remain open and fully functional for patients, including the country’s king (a full-time resident since 2009). “Most hospitals have gas source systems with one air plant, one vacuum plant, a few manifold control systems, four or five alarms and some control valves,” explains Steve Robinson, a medical gas specialist who worked fulltime on the project as Business Line Manager in BeaconMedæs’s South East Asia office. The Siriraj project, scheduled for completion in the fall of 2011, is far more complex – “a massive undertaking,” as Robinson says. It involves eight air and eight vacuum plants, each with multiple compressors, pumps, filters and control systems to supply medical, surgical and dental services in various buildings. The project also includes 18 manifold control panels for the supply of oxygen, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

Mark Allen, Director of Marketing for BeaconMedæs, points out that “the Siriraj project is a bit unusual in that it involves only source equipment, not the valves and alarms used in outlets in clinical treatment rooms that are part of the total medical gas systems which we normally supply our clients. But this project showcases our ability to provide clients with solutions that are tailor-made to fit their needs.

Allen says that top-quality products and strong after-sales customer service are the main criteria hospitals use in choosing piped medical gas suppliers. Accordingly, the Siriraj project is recognition of the quality products and expertise that have enabled BeaconMedæs to become – and remain – the leader in the design, development, supply and installation of piped medical gas distribution systems for hospitals all over the world.

This project showcases our ability to provide clients with solutions that are tailor-made to fit their needs

Mark Allen, Director of Marketing for BeaconMedæs.

Written by Mark Cardwell

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