In the pipeline

June 9, 2015

Oil and gas

A Hungarian pipeline construction company receives a complete solution for testing and cleaning.

KVV Pipeline Construction Co. Ltd. (KVV Kőolajvezetéképitő Zrt.) is a leading company within the Hungarian oil and gas industry. In addition to developing and manufacturing pipe products, the company’s main activity is pipeline construction for natural gas, rude oil and crude oil derivatives, mostly in the diameter range of 25 to 1 400 millimeters. To test and maintain pipe construction projects in Hungary and elsewhere, the company has invested in a complete pipeline testing solution from Atlas Copco. The new equipment consists of XAS 746Cd and XRVS 476Cd compressors, two CD 7 80R dryers and a B7-42/2175 CE booster. These will be used for testing and cleaning at pipeline sites across Hungary, supporting the company’s expansion plans into neighboring European countries. The new order replaces an older booster, enabling the company to work more efficiently on a larger range of projects involving pipes with a diameter from 600 millimeters to over a meter, over a distance of up to several kilometers. The typical output pressure will be 80 bar, but the new booster can handle pressure of up to 120 bar, if required.

As soon as we highlighted the need for the new equipment we knew that Atlas Copco was our preferred supplier,” says Ferenc Török of KVV. “Atlas Copco was able to deliver a complete solution for our needs. Furthermore, we know that we can trust both the reliability and robustness of Atlas Copco equipment, as well as the support of the Atlas Copco team in the local office.

Written by Linas Alsenas

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