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November 25, 2015

Where are Atlas Copco’s customers?  And where are the end users?

Hospitals use Atlas Copco's medical gas to keep new-borns safe.

Atlas Copco's customers consist of companies in most industries worldwide. Automotive and aerospace manufacturers use our tools and assembly solutions - in fact, one third of all cars have been made using our tools. Mining companies use our drilling rigs, trucks and loaders. Construction companies use our demolition equipment, road pavers and portable compressors. And Atlas Copco’s larger compressors are found in countless places in society, ranging from textile manufacturers and food processing companies to hospitals and dairy farmers. Hospitals use Atlas Copco's medical air to keep new-borns safe. Most factories around the world need compressed air to do their job, and our energy-saving compressors keep the factories running day and night. But who are the ultimate beneficiaries of all the innovative products and service? They are anyone using a smartphone or car. They are the new-born babies that receive medical air at hospitals. They are the pilot, crew and passengers on the plane that has been safely manufactured with our tools. The list goes on and on. Atlas Copco is truly everywhere.

As shown in this video, the answer to both questions is - everywhere.

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