Chilean pharmaceutical company boosts efficiency thanks to Atlas Copco

July 1, 2015

Laboratorio Sanderson S.A., one of Chile’s leading pharmaceutical companies, has reduced costs and boosted efficiency thanks to Atlas Copco. Building upon its successful experience with Atlas Copco’s compressed air solutions, the company has recently installed a state-of-the-art nitrogen generator with PSA technology (NGP 92) to meet its growing demand for high purity nitrogen; by providing nitrogen at a purity between 95 and 99.999%, the NGP fully meets the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent purity requirements of 99.99%.

Atlas Copco NGP nitrogen generator

"We have been using Atlas Copco's compressors for over ten years to deliver both oil-free and oil-injected compressed air", comments Marcela Cantillana, Assistant Manager for Validations at Fresnius Kabi Chile, "these compressors have always met our expectations and we feel that the new nitrogen generator is a perfect complement to our activities". Founded in 1942 and now part of the German group Fresenius Kabi, Laboratorio Sanderson specializes in the production and commercialization of a wide range of injection products and other liquid substances for medical applications across the Latin American market. Its successful relationship with Atlas Copco started in 2003, when the company decided to replace its oil-injected load/unload air compressor with an energy-efficient oil-injected compressor with variable speed drive technology (GA 75 VSD FF) for the compressed air supply of their production plant; by adjusting the output of compressed air to the exact air demand at any given time, Variable Speed Drive technology can save on average 35 percent of energy compared to load/unload compressors. In 2008, the company also bought an oil-free ZT55 VSD compressor with integrated MD dryer, achieving extremely positive energy savings. Thanks to Atlas Copco, Laboratorio Sanderson has more recently also switched to on-site nitrogen generation. Previously, the company purchased their nitrogen from an external supplier, who delivered liquid nitrogen in cryogenic tanks. By contrast, the nitrogen is now generated on-site at the purity level required; thanks to Atlas Copco's installation of a ZT 18 IMD oil-free compressor and an NGP 92 nitrogen generator with PSA technology. "Gaining independence from external suppliers is a major benefit", comments Marcela Cantillana, "since the installation of the NGP 92 we do not have to rely on another organization or company to ensure a constant and adequate supply of nitrogen." Based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, with carbon molecular sieves selectively separating oxygen from nitrogen, Atlas Copco's NGP nitrogen generation system provides a cost-effective, reliable and secure supply of nitrogen. By ensuring a continuous supply of nitrogen, the NGP unit eliminates the risk of production breakdowns and ensures low operating expenses, with no additional costs such as order processing, refills and delivery charges. In addition, the high purity of nitrogen is always guaranteed, with nitrogen purity rates ranging between 95 percent and 99.999 percent. Fully aware of the efficiency and cost-saving potentials of the nitrogen generator, Laboratorio Sanderson is now also considering installing Atlas Copco's oxygen generator in the future. Commenting on their successful collaboration with Atlas Copco, Marcela Cantillana concludes: "Our relationship with Atlas Copco has always been one of mutual cooperation and we feel that Atlas Copco fully understands the importance of ensuring the proper functioning of its equipment, through maintenance, support, documentation and certificates".

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